Introducing MobileRSS


MobileRSS for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad helps you stay on top of everything that’s happening in your world. Whether you’re following blogs on technology, music, design or anything else, MobileRSS makes everything much easier. Subscribe to an unlimited number of RSS feeds, managed by Google Reader, and browse away.

Star the items you want to keep so you can get to them later. Or simply send them over to Instapaper, ReadItLater, or friends via Twitter, Facebook, or e-mail. It’s all built into MobileRSS.


Powerful Features for News Reading

MobileRSS was designed from the beginning to be the best Google Reader client on iPhone and iPad. We knew that baking in powerful and innovative features that are easy to use would be necessary. So that’s what we did.

graph Google Reader FeaturesShare articles, star them for reading later, or show your appreciation by tapping “Like”.

Built on Google Reader

Subscribe to as many feeds as you want and manage everything from within MobileRSS or on the Google Reader website, whichever suits you better. All the familiar features that you know and love with Google Reader are here: star, like, share and much more.

charge Serious PowerSubscribe to an unlimited number of RSS feeds and then manage them within MobileRSS. tweet Sharing OptionsTons of options including Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, Instapaper, Delicious and more. folder ThemesOur users love to customize the interface. Select from multiple themes in MobileRSS. screen Search and Add FeedsSearch by keyword to find and add new sources to your daily routine. It’s super simple. screen Save ImagesSimply tap on an image to save it to your photo library. Our users love this feature!

Multiple Purchase Options

Perhaps you’re still not convinced that MobileRSS is worth checking out (hey, we don’t blame you for being skeptical). We’ve made a free version of MobileRSS available just for you. Give it a spin and if you like what you find, the ad-free Pro version is never more than a few taps away. Always nice to have options!

  • Free
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  • Try out the free version of MobileRSS on iPhone.
  • Pro
  • $2.99
  • The flagship version of MobileRSS for iPhone.
  • HD
  • $4.99
  • MobileRSS HD for iPad. New & improved.
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Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
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What Our Users Say

Of all the apps I’ve ever used, MobileRSS has the best user interaction I’ve ever seen. If you use RSS on iDevices, you need this app.Yatri Trivedi
I have 320 subscriptions on Google Reader and I’ve finally found a Google Reader client that works! Totally worth the price.Leo Lobato
You gotta get this Google Reader client for iPhone! It’s simply the best.Joseph H.
MobileRSS Pro does a great job of displaying your Google Reader feeds. The interface is fabulous!Tammy Zink
This near perfect app seems to incorporate the best features of other RSS readers and adds unique features of its own. I’m a big fan.Bobthebuilder
Still by far the best Google Reader available for iPhone and iPod Touch. Thanks for the update and bug fixes!Dirt Digwell